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Hey all

Recently, my laptop had a problem and my guess was that this is a problem with my hard drive so i was looking for problem and found LOADCYCLE problem. it can damage the hard drive.
To begin, if you are using linux, use the following code in the terminal

" sudo smartctl -a /dev/sda "

In the output, you can find " Load_Cycle_Count " and if it is over two thousand the hard disk drive is affected by the Load Cycle Count issue( Picture Number 1).
#1 - LOADCYCLE marked in red.

Here is the solution for that ( remember that my hard drive is western digital ) :

#1 ) Install " smartmontools " with below command

" sudo apt-get install smartmontools "

#2 ) Install " idle3-tools " with below command

" sudo apt-get install idle3-tools "

#3 ) Enter below command in terminal

" sudo smartctl -s on /dev/sda " [ sda is your harddrive ]
This will enable smarttools

#4 ) Enter below command in the terminal
" sudo idle3ctl -g /dev/sda "
It will disable Idle3 timer

#5 ) Then
" sudo idle3ctl -s 255 /dev/sda "
It will set Idle3 timer to 255

#6 ) After that
" sudo idle3ctl -d /dev/sda "
Disable Idle3 timer

#7 ) Now, you should turn off your system with below command in terminal
" poweroff "

Then its DONE

If  you are using windows you can use SMARTMONTOOL to check load_cycle_count and for solution you can find that in HERE