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Finally, it's time to prepare ourselves for a big event in the world of security by sharing fucking interesting information. Hove, Whenever i think about that or read or write, it gives me passion.
Ok, It is enough to say emotional bullshits, So, Let's talk about the main point, BLACKHAT Conference USA 2017.

You can find out what they have provided for you on the link below

Interesting parts for me:
  • ChipWhisperer: its complete toolchain(hardware+software+documentation) for advanced embedded hardware security analysis such as side-channel power analysis and glitching attacks. and YEAH ... its opensource.
  • CrackMapExec v4: it is fully open-source, post-exploitation tool written in Python that helps automate assessing the security of *large* Active Directory networks 
  • Cumulus - A Cloud Exploitation Toolkit: I think its name can describe it well and there is no need to any additional explanation
  • DELTA: SDN Security Evaluation Framework
  • DPAPI and DPAPI-NG: Decryption Toolkit
  • Easily Exploit Timing Attacks in Web Applications with the 'timing_attack' Gem
  •  Evilsploit – A Universal Hardware Hacking Toolkit
  •  gr-lora: An Open-Source SDR Implementation of the LoRa PHY
  • JACKIT : a wireless HID injection attack into NRF-based keyboard/mouse dongles based off the MouseJack vulnerability
  • Leviathan Frameworkmass audit toolkit : which has wide range service discovery, brute force, SQL injection detection and running custom exploit capabilities. It consists open source tools such masscan, ncrack, dsss and gives you the flexibility of using them with a combination. The main goal of this project is auditing as many system as possible in country-wide or in a wide IP range

Registration still available and accessible through below link